MLB Trade Deadline

As you most of you know by now, the A's are going all in. They traded their best player and HR Derby champ, Yoenis Cespedes, to Boston for Jon Lester and Jonny GomesLet's just pretend that this was the only trade of the day (we'll analyze the other trades later). In my opinion, I think Cespedes will thrive in Boston. In fact, I think he'll do even better Boston because of the shorter dimensions. Look below: Here is a couple of spray charts for Cespedes. This will provide a power bat to the desperate Sox lineup as he has hit more home runs then the three outfielders of the Sox combined (14 homeruns while Cespedes has 17).

 Yoenis Cespedes' average home run was about 382.8 feet in Coliseum. Cespedes will do even better within the hitter friendly confines of Fenway.

Now let's analyze the Athletics side of the deal. Acquiring Lester and Gomes will certainly help the A's already bolstered starting rotation and Gomes will be #5 or #6 in starting lineup with big shoes to fill in Cespedes.  WINNER: Athletics. They strengthen their rotation and get Gomes, but Gomes' WAR is -0.8 and I'm not sure if the Athletics can afford Lester's high salary if they sign him to a long term deal. More to come on this hectic day..

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