Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Training Recap- Autos and More!

I went to two spring training games on Wednesday and Thursday. The game of Wednesday was at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. Here are some pictures of the complex and the outside:
The complex it's self was about an hour or so away from Lakeland.
Today, however was the best spring training experience I've had. We went to the Detroit Tigers complex in Lakeland, FL. My dad and I went at 10:00 (game time- 1:05) to see the Tigers hit batting practice. They were very impressive in hitting. The Tigers let the fans catch home run balls in "The Berm" a glassy hillside that provides a great panoramic view of the ballpark for relatively cheap.
I didn't catch any home run balls, but I did get a ball that was very close to me in the outfield. The Tiger shagging at the time, flipped the ball to me and I was thrilled! I also set a personal goal to myself: get more then one autograph. I got nine autographs between the Tigers and Braves! WOW! Here are pictures of the autographs:
Most of these autographs I got were at the main field, but there was a secret field behind the main one with the rest of the team working out (including Verlander). It was a great day, and it turns out the Tigers won 9-3. Miggy hit a 3 run jack to give the Tigers lead. That man sure can hit a baseball. That's all I have for now, thanks for looking! Please recommend to friends, family, co-workers, and  acquaintances! Here is my email if you have any questions about this blog:
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Joe Nathan (middle), Craig Kimbrel and Joba Chamberlain (right), Don Kelly (left)
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The baseball that was "flipped" to me, Fredi Gonzalez (middle), Julio Teheran (only I can identify- right)
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Notice how I obviously don't care that I'm not matching at all (pink socks w/ brown sandals)
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Here is Anibal Sanchez, Jeff Kunkel and Justin Verlander running
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm So Upset.. about March Madness

This week, my bracket was ruined. My record for the picks are as followed:
Bracket 1: 24/32- 75%
Bracket 2: 22/32- 69%

Well my brackets aren't that busted, but that Mercer game threw me off! Have no mercy on Mercer, let me tell you that. Their upset in the final minutes was very convincing over a strong, pro-style Duke offense led by Coach K. As I was glancing at my brackets, I wondered how many #1 seeds will advance to the Elite Eight or Final Four. I'm going to say that 2 or 3 #1 seeds will advance to the Final Four. Wichita State will be lucky to survive Louisville (assuming they beat Kentucky tonight in Round 3) in the Sweet 16 matchup. They play in the loaded Midwest bracket that will test the Shockers and just might Shock the world.

How far will Stephen F. Austin go? After a very close victory over VCU last night (79-77, OT) I wonder if they'll have the strength and the intensity to beat a very solid UCLA team coached by Steve Alford. Who knew that the Tennessee Volunteers would have a chance to be in the Sweet 16 if they beat Mercer. I believe that the most underrated team in the tournament is the Harvard Crimson. Tommy Amaker's team is very strong in all ends of the floor and could knock off #4 seed Michigan State Spartans. Thank you for reading, if you know anyone who would enjoy this blog, please recommend this site. I will also provide my email if you have any questions, comments or feedback on my blog:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My NCAA Tournament Picks- UPSET ALERT

As I was watching the selection show I had a few questions:
Why is Louisville a #4 seed? What? And somehow in 2014 a two loss team gets a #15 seed (Stephen F. Austin) and could possibly beat VCU in the Round of 64.
My final four picks are as follows:
I have Saint Joe's making it very far in tournament. 
Comment if you have any questions or thoughts about my awesome bracket.

Friday, March 7, 2014

What was ESPN thinking?

As I am browsing through my newest ESPN issue- The Analytics Issue (with a sweet pic of Paul George on the front- will attach cover picture below) They think Dwyane Wade is the worst three point shooter ever? Huh? In the modern day era (or since.. well 2007) Josh Smith is the worst three point shooter (in my opinion). His career three point average is 27.4%.  Why do they say Wade if Isiah Thomas' % is 0.1 lower?
I have more to complain about in the next blog post, but I have to find something else to complain about.

Wait.. what is Integral Vector Calculus? Some offensive linemen named John Urschel knows what that is. Wow smart guy.

1st TTM Success of 2014- Marcus Stroman

So pumped from yesterday's mail! Got 1/1 from Toronto Blue Jays Prospect Marcus Stroman
Will update tracker!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Twins Fans... It's Over. Start your engines for another year of no playoffs in Loserville, USA

Twins Fans- Our #2 prospect in the organization is having Tommy John surgery
Miguel Sano- It's Over.

Our bright future is lost for this season! It looks like we might make the Twins "good" again in 2015. Alright, this year- deposit it in the compost. It is OVER.