Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 3rd Interview with Gosuke Katoh

My 3rd interview went very well. Gosuke Katoh, a second basemen for the New York Yankees , is the #10 prospect in the Charleston River Dogs  organization. He is highly touted by many scouts and many said that the Yankees had a steal taking this guy in the 2nd round in the 2013 MLB Draft. Here is the recap from the interview!

Question #1
Who are some of the toughest pitchers you've faced this year?

Answer: Hunter Harvey and James Dykstra because they have so many different types of fastballs.

Question #2
What are some of your biggest fears when you are up to the plate?

Answer: Sneezing during a pitch.

Question #3
When and where was your first professional home run?

Answer: It was last year and it was my first hit for the GCL Yankees.

Question #4
How do you change your approach against a side-arm or submarine pitcher?

Answer: Sidearm pitchers usually have a lot of tail and sink on the ball so I look to go the other way and see the ball up.

Question #5
What are some of your baseball related "pet peeves"?

Answer: Stepping on the lines.

Question #6
Do you wear batting gloves and do you wear one when you field?

Answer: I wear batting gloves and I wear one for extra padding under my glove.

Question #7
What is the biggest stereotype about the minor leaguers?

Answer: Everyone thinks the Minor Leagues are miserable, but we have a great time.

Question #8
Interesting facts about you are....?

Answer: I love listening to dance music.

Question #9
Favorite pro team is..?

Answer: Gotta be the Yankees.

Question #10
What are your individual goals?

Answer: Contribute to the Yankees and win a World Series.

Question #11
What is the coolest name in minor league baseball besides your own?

Answer: Kannapolis Intimidators.

Question #12
When do you believe you'll be up contributing in the Majors?

Answer: That's not my decision, so I don't know.

Question #13
What do you plan to do after baseball?

Answer: Help others with their dreams.

Question #14
Were you a dual or single sport athlete?

Answer: I played soccer until 6th grade.

Question #15
Who was your biggest influence growing up?

Answer: Ichiro Suzuki.