Friday, June 20, 2014

My 2nd Interview with Devante Lacy

My 2nd interview went very smooth. Devante Lacy, an outfielder for the Johnson City Cardinals, was kind enough to interview with me for 14 minutes today via phone call. He was very nice and I enjoyed interviewing him. Here we go!
Question #1
Who is the toughest team you will face this year?

Answer: The Kingsport Mets, they know us really well and they've seen us in spring training so they already have a scouting report on our team.

Question #2
What are your biggest fears when you are up to the plate?

Answer: That I get injured again. I want to play a full season so I can contribute as much as I can to this team.

Question #3
Where and when was your first home run?

Answer: It was in spring training. We were playing in Jupiter, Florida and we were playing the Marlins. The pitcher threw an inside two-seam fastball and I knew as soon as I hit it, it was gone. The ball was a line drive to centerfield and I thought that it would hit the top of the fence. SIDE NOTE: I asked him if he got the ball back (He said no, some kid took it, and he grabbed a ball and wrote his name on it).

Question #4
How do you change your approach against a sidearm or a submarine pitcher?

Answer: I really don't change my approach when I'm up to the plate. I have the same approach with a pitcher that pitches over the top. I wait back until the ball crosses and until it gets deep in the strike zone and then I make contact and connect.

Question #5
What are some of your baseball related "pet-peeves"?

Answer: Not really that I know of... Well when I was in track back in high school, I put all my markings and stuff on my left side of my body. I pull up my sock on the left side of my body and it's just what I've done since Little League.

Question #6
Do you wear batting gloves when you are hitting and when you are fielding?

Answer: Only when I'm hitting.

Question #7
What is the biggest stereotype about minor leaguers that most fans perceive?

Answer:  That people think we are a bunch of gangbeaters. We come in and work hard like everybody else and we also take it one day at a time like everyone else.

Question #8
An interesting fact about you is......?

Answer: That I'm a huge skater fan. I go skating a lot on the weekends.

Question #9
Your favorite pro team is...?

Answer: I gotta go with the Cardinals.

Question #10
What are your individual goals?

Answer: I want to go out and be the best that I can be and contribute as much as I can to the Cardinals.

Question #11
What is the coolest name in minor league baseball besides your own?

Answer: The Danville Braves.

Question #12
When do you believe you'll be up contributing in the Majors?

Answer: I'm not sure on that. I want to take each day here in the Minors one day at a time.

Question #13
What do you plan to do after baseball?

Answer: I plan on working in my dad's construction & electricity company after baseball.

Question #14
Were you a single or dual sport athlete?

Answer: A dual sport athlete. I participated in football and track (besides baseball).

Question #15
Who influenced you growing up?

Answer: I admired my parents a lot. My dad was always there to help us and my mom always put the food out on the table for us and helped us a lot with our homework and problems.

Question #16
Did you ever qualify for the summer Olympics in track?

Answer: Haha no it was just for the workout.

Question #17
Who did you play under at Cedar Valley?

Answer: I think it was a guy by the name of Robert Dally.

Question #18
How did you get injured?

Answer: The first time I was in batting practice and a teammate hit me with a bat in the genitals. The second time I was working out and I tore an AC joint in my shoulder.  My plan for this year is that I play a full healthy season.

Question #19
How fast can you run?

Answer: I think I could run a 4.4 second 40 yard dash time.

Question #20
Do you live with a host family or do you sublet an apartment?

Answer: I live with a host family.