Sunday, January 26, 2014

Twinsfest 2014- The best so far.

I went to Twinsfest yesterday with my buddy Wilson, who blogs Pride of the Twins, a super cool site. We saw many different aspects of Target Field that most people will never see. We saw the field when there was about 3-5' on the ground. We saw about 30 different players walking around (unlike years past) and conversing with the crowd. Pride of the Twins is Wilson's blog.

Wilson and I were walking around on the service level (probably the best and most interactive level out them all) and I talk and see this guy: Wow! How awesome was that to talk to a Hall of Famer! Mr. Blyleven was a very personable man, and very kind. I got an autograph with him. More to come in Twinsfest Part 2!