Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Thoughts on the Major League Baseball Season- 1/3 done

As I reflect on the thought that my Twinkies are now above .500, I have some positive, negative and mixed opinions for this season so far. We'll start with some positives (Keep in mind, it's on all the teams in the league. Not just the Twins.)


  • Brian Dozier is hitting for power! Yes! Big bats in the Twins lineup will help them go far.... kinda.
  • Jose Abreu is a shoe in for the AL ROY. As this tremendous pace he is hitting at, he should hit 55 home runs in his rookie year? He will probably make the All Star Team also. Gardy would be crazy not to name this guy to the All-Star team.
  • Cole Hamels winning his 100th game as a pitcher. Struck out 10 and only allowed three hits over seven innings. Impressive.
  • Nelson Cruz has been surprisingly good for the O's this year. Signed for 1 year and $8 million, I think the O's got a steal and a big bat in the lineup.
  • Prince Fielder's iron-man streak ending. Fielder played 547 consecutive games. He has struggled this year with a .247/3/16 statline. Yikes.
  • The number of pitchers that need/will have season-ending or Tommy John surgery is insurmountable. The pitchers that will have the surgery are Brandon Beachy (Braves), Patrick Corbin (D-Backs), Luke Hochevar (Royals), Josh Johnson (Padres), Kris Medlen (Braves), Ivan Nova (Yankees), Bobby Parnell (Mets), Jarrod Parker (A's), Jose Fernandez (Marlins), Martin Perez (Rangers), A.J. Griffin (A's), Cory Gearrin (Braves), David Hernandez (D-Backs), Matt Moore (Rays), Cory Luebke (Padres), Brian Moran (Angels), Bruce Rondon (Tigers) and Jameson Tallion (Pirates Top 5 Prospect). WOW.
  • The replay system!! Selig says he wants a replay to last 1 min and 59 seconds. Heh, like thats going to happen. It's sometimes is benefical, but other times it justs extends the game. BOOORING!
  • Metal detectors at the stadium. Extends the lines, but helps increase our safety. I'll take safety any day.
  • The lowly Cubs. They really need Soler and Baez to hurry up so they can actually be relevant again (Sorry Cubs Fans. It's true).