Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baseball Review and Predictions- Division by Division

As I glanced at the box scores and the standings this morning,   The Dodgers haven't obviously done anything with it and I ponder if that will be a problem in the future or a distraction to the Dodgers. Now on to the predictions, starting with the American League:

Rookie of the Year: Xander Bogaerts, Boston Red Sox SS
Bogaerts was the Red Sox's top prospect was absolutely a BEAST in the minor leagues. Will not be surprised if he leads the Red Sox back to the playoffs once again
Cy Young: Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers
You can't STOP THIS MAN! He had incredible stats and proved to be one of the best pitchers to play on the planet. He had 15 wins last year and will prove to be dominant in a tough AL Central Division.
MVP: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
Stats don't lie. Look at his past five years' worth of stats and also why the Tigers would be foolish enough to pay him $300 million if he wasn't the best player on the planet.

AL East Projected Standings:

  1. Tampa Bay Rays- 92-68
  2. Boston Red Sox- 88-72
  3. Baltimore Orioles- 82-80
  4. Toronto Blue Jays- 77-85
  5. New York Yankees- 74-88
AL Central Projected Standings:
  1. Detroit Tigers- 94-68
  2. Kansas City Royals- 84-78
  3. Cleveland Indians- 82-82
  4. Chicago White Sox- 77-85
  5. Minnesota Twins- 64-98
AL West Projected Standings:
  1. Texas Rangers- 90-72
  2. Oakland Athletics- 88-74
  3. Seattle Mariners- 86-76
  4. Los Angeles Angels- 84-78
  5. Houston Astros- 62-100

National League Predictions:
Rookie of the Year: Chris Owings, Arizona Diamondbacks SS
Owings looks very strong in the first 13 games of his professional career with the D-Backs. Numbers are down so far, but I predict he'll make a strong improvement and help the D-Backs in the NL West.
Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
Kershaw looked good in his first start before being shut down to injury. I doubt this will be a concern, even though he is missing a couple of starts. The best pitcher in the NL BY FAR.
MVP: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks 1B
Goldschmidt is very strong and tough. He should provide the D-Backs with the stability they need at first base. Only missed two games last year! Wow! Very durable.

NL East Projected Standings:
  1. Washington Nationals- 91-71
  2. Atlanta Braves- 89-73
  3. Miami Marlins- 79-83
  4. New York Mets- 70-82
  5. Philadelphia Phillies- 69-83
NL Central Projected Standings:
  1. St. Louis Cardinals- 92-70
  2. Cincinnati Reds- 88-74
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates- 81-81
  4. Milwaukee Brewers- 74-88
  5. Chicago Cubs- 66-96
NL West Projected Standings:
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers- 93-69
  2. San Francisco Giants- 90-72
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks- 85-77
  4. Colorado Rockies- 80-72
  5. San Diego Padres- 75-87
World Series Predictions
NL: Cardinals
AL: Tigers
WINNER: Cardinals in 7, Oscar Taveras or Michael Wacha- WS MVP